Leases Solicitors in Henley, Oxfordshire

Leases are complex documents, whether the form is long or short it is not just what they say but what is not mentioned that can be crucial to liability and whether or not they are consistent with what the parties believe that they have agreed.

Leases govern, amongst other things:-

  • Tenant’s and the landlord’s rights
  • Liability for repairs, maintenance and decoration
  • Alterations and tenant’s use
  • Rent and rent reviews
  • Security of tenure and tenant’s ability to assign (transfer or sell) the lease.

You should expect the position under a lease of a premises for a shorter period to contain less onerous liability than a lease for a longer period.

We will ensure, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, that you are aware of the material liabilities of the parties and whether these are consistent with the market, negotiating specifics on your instructions. We can also advise you on the terms of your existing lease.  We regularly advise on selling (or assigning) a lease and buying an existing lease, taking a new lease, granting a new lease and subletting, renewing a lease and rent reviews, consents or licences to assign, sublet or charge and consents or licences for alterations.

We deal with many different types of business leases for properties such as shops, offices, restaurants, pubs, factories, warehouses, industrial units, professional practices and retail outlets as well as telecommunications leases.

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